Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Three Sisters from Bel-Air (2003)

Director: Sylvain Chomet
Country: France
Length: 78 minutes
Genre: Animation, Adventure

This is a French animated film about an elderly lady, Madame Souza who journeys through France searching for her kidnapped grandson, Champion. Along her journey she meets three sisters that were once famous performers and are now old, tired and forgotten.

The film has very, very little dialogue (I have been told there's 10 spoken words), while the dialogue is spoken in French and there are no subtitles, it is not at all necessary to understand what is said in order to know what the movie is about or what's going on.

What makes this film so great, aside from the retro-styled animation, is the mind-bottling soundtrack. Most of the music is performed using miscellaneous items you would find in your home (vacuum cleaners, newspapers, pots and pans) and bicycle rims or other old junk.

This is a fantastic film and one of my favorites. I strongly recommend it to anyone who's a fan of Animation or Foreign films.


  1. Sounds really interesting, downloading.

  2. This blog is really cool. I was wondering if I could make a request. Does anyone have Marat/Sade (1967)?

  3. Thanks dudes! It's really cool to log onto this and read that people enjoy what is being posted. Cheers!

    @Zimes - I can't say that anyone else does or doesn't have it, but I will try to get a copy of it. Hopefully one of the other contributors has it though.