Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Arthur's Upload #4 (2010)

Director: Aaron Katz
Country: US
Length: 96 minutes
Genres: Mumblecore, Mystery

I'm lazy so I'll just copy and paste the review for it that I've done earlier. Also, I consider this film to be 2011 since that was the year when it came out in public theatres (only went to festivals in 2010):

FINALLY! A FANTASTIC FILM FROM THIS YEAR! As soon as I saw the trailer for this, I was excited for this film, since it seemed quite intense and had a very nice slow pace to it, and my instincts were right. The directing and pacing here is fantastic. There are many silent shots of people in a car which sets the mood that these characters had, and my favorite scene was when two people were sitting on a picnic table, eating for at least 1 minute, then a seagull landed closely on them and then just stood there.

I'm loving the experiments with mumblecore films. First there was Monsters which is mumblecore with the giant monster genre, and now this which combines mumblecore with a mystery genre. With these instead of having these eccentric yet smart minds, we have these much more natural characters. They are many conversation scenes that don't provide any progress to the plot, but it was still very interesting since the dialogue and acting was very natural, I haven't seen anything this natural for a while.

The pacing for unraveling the mystery in this film was around the pacing of the Wire. Everything unravels very slowly, which is what should be done with mystery films. Because of this it feels more like you're following them instead of just watching what they are doing. Also you will never feel overwhelmed by the amount of new information that is being thrown at you. Because of this, this was one of the most intense and suspenseful films I have seen a long time.

This film is not for everyone due to their slow pacing, but if you won't mind that then I'll recommend this film. This is the best film of the year so far.

Load it down Part 1!
Load it down Part 2!

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