Thursday, July 7, 2011

Welcome T0 D0ngmakg0l (2005)

Director: Kwang-Hyun Park
Country: South Korea
Length: 133 mins
Genre: Comedy, Drama, War
Hard coded English subtitles

Set during the Korea war, Welcome To Dongmakgol tells the age old story enemies at war coming together in order to survive but in this case it's in order to live alongside the people of a remote village whom have no concept of war, guns or grenades. In fact the villagers think they are potatoes.

What could have been cheese of the highest order becomes a heart warming film with a hefty dose of humanity which isn't forced but one rather can't be helped but swept away with it. There's plenty of black humour and belly laughs in this beauty which was ranked the 2005 No.1 box office film in South Korea.

It's 1.6 GB with 5 rar files in each folder.


  1. hi.
    when i open it there are 5 zip files. but when i try to unzip them it says that the 6th one is missing. am i doing something wrong?

    but thanks anyway for the work on the blog. appreciated.

  2. Who do I have to contact to become a poster here? Please help!

  3. send request to iltmatic at

    xaxa, you did read that you have to download all 4 links didn't you? 5 in 1-3. 3 in part 4. Otherwise it would have been 18 links.

    I'm downloading it myself now to see if there are any issues.

  4. Well it downloaded fine for me. VLC said the file was broken. I played it and it seemed okay. So i'd say just watch it. If there are any technical difficulties during the film like it stops or anything. Please be specific here and not just write "doesn't work", "It's corrupt" or anything else which gives no indication. I'm not a mind reader.

    I'll see about reripping it but some positive feedback instead of the moronic bitching. Its a big fucking file see, so be respectful when complaining.

  5. or go and buy it cos its a brilliant film :P

  6. you only need to split it into 2 files because you can upload up to 1gb

    i usually split it at 1000mb exactly.

  7. k, my mistake. i didnt realize to unzip every single one of the four links, oops. thanks:)