Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Arthur's Upload #1 (2009)

Director: Scott Sanders
Country: USA
Length: 90 minutes
Genres: Parody, Blaxploitation, Martial Arts

I decided not to add the title of the film on the title of the post since this is a newer film and I wanna be safe. Besides, you can tell what film it is with the poster anyways.

Anyways, about this film. I LOVE exploitation films, especially blaxploitation movies. But to make a parody that is not only one of the best parodies I've ever seen but also a parody that surpasses every film I've seen so far in that genre, that takes some serious skills. This is an absolutely hilarious and entertaining film, it's one of the best of 2009 and also on my greatest films list.

Load it down!


  1. Best thing ever.

  2. to be honest I thought this movie kinda failed in its intention to recreate the blaxpoitation feel.

    one major point (not all or the major point) why blaxpoitation movies became cult classics was that they were so bad that it made them good. but they were not made with the intention to be trash.
    I just thought that black dynamite tried just too hard to copy some of the goofy style like looking in the camera by an actor as if he fogot his line or creating awkward pauses. I thought especially those two were extremely overused in the movie.

    so I just couldn't really take the trashyness serious of black dynamite since it was created artificially and you could feel that. at some points it felt so constructed and forced that I was really bored. to me it's just not the same as watching let's say foxy brown.

    but it's a great post anyway. I hope many will enjoy this movie.

  3. ^ well blaxploitation.

    somehow I thought "hobo with a shotgun" did a pretty good job.

  4. Hobo with a Shotgun was decent, the problem was that it was so close to being an exploitation film that it also included the flaws of an exploitation film, notably the shitty drama. There were parts where I was bored as hell watching it.

  5. I laugh my ass off every time i see DYNAMITE!!