Thursday, June 23, 2011

Arthur's Upload #2 720p (1981)

Director: Brian De Palma
Country: USA
Length: 108 minutes
Genre: Thriller

One of the latest additions of the Criterion Collection (protip: if you want to see some good movies, watch movies from Criterion). I'm just gonna say this straight up, this Travolta's best film. Yes, it's better than Pulp Fiction. It's a fantastic thriller where a sound man for bad slasher flicks is recording sound effects for wind, and he witnesses a murder. He finds out that the person murdered was someone running for president, and he's convinced that there's a conspiracy going on and he's using the sounds he recorded to prove it. Unlike most thrillers where it seems like you're just watching some people unraveling something, it feels like you're actually unraveling information with them. Because everything is being slowly unraveled as well, it makes the film a lot more intense.

It's a BRRIP and the size is around 1.86 gigs. It's an mkv file with English subs (even though the film is in English).

Load it down Part 1!

Load it down Part 2!
Load it down Part 3!


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  3. Really enjoy it thanks, lots of nice soundguy samples in this also ;)

  4. Thanks a million, it's such a great film! Also, can you upload more films from the Criterion Collection? :)