Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Am So Proud of You (2008)

Director: Don Hertzfeldt
Country: United States
Length: 22 minutes
Genre: Animation, Black Comedy, Surrealism, Drama

The sequel to Everything Will Be Ok, I Am So Proud of You shows Bill's childhood and his eventual death. Don Hertzfeldt does just as fantastic of a job making the viewer laugh at the most Linkdisturbing events as he did in the previous short. The genius of his shorts is that not only are they hilarious but they can also affect you on a deep emotional level.

Don continues his innovative technique here as he introduced in the previous installment in the series of using multiple frames at a same time, sometimes having a frame for the drawn stick figures and another for film on screen at the same time.

Load it down!


  1. This film changed my life.

  2. Well i'm either too stupid to work it out or that link isn't working for me? ...
    Big ups for this, i've been dying to see it after 'Everything will be OK'

  3. been wanting to see this for a really long time after seeing everything will be ok. exceeded my wildest expectations. quality post, quality blog.

  4. Really cool to watch them back to back ;)